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The West Side Story is a joint marketing effort of about 30 giftware distributors in the greater Mississauga area, serving Canadian retailers from coast to coast with fresh and innovative products.


Created in 1988, by a small group of giftware executives, The West Side Story (TWSS) is a marketing effort supported by about 30 companies in the gifts and tablewares industry in the greater Mississauga area. These companies, located within the boundaries of Steeles Avenue to the north, Winston Churchill Boulevard to the west, Lakeshore Road to the south and Islington Avenue to the east have one thing in common, they service Canadian retail shops in the gifts and tablewares industry.


At close inspection, the gifts and tablewares industry is a broad definition for a great variety of suppliers. These wholesale distributors supply a wide range of products to the specialty gift and tableware stores, collectible shops, jewellery stores, card and gift shops, flower shops, home décor shops, galleries, candy and gift shops, drug stores, house and hardware stores and more.


The showrooms of TWSS suppliers are open to the trade only, presenting retailers with the most exciting array of merchandise from around the globe. Twice a year, in April and October, these showrooms are especially spruced up, featuring latest product introductions, as participating companies join forces in their combined TWSS Open House.


In many instances, suppliers offer same-day pick-up. In addition, during their TWSS Open House event, most suppliers offer refreshments throughout the day, providing a hospitable and convenient buying environment for their busy retail customers.


Aside from the trade shows, TWSS group of companies offers retailers the most accessible buying venue in a relatively small geographic area throughout the year.


Traditionally, retailers throughout Ontario who have registered at the most recent Canadian Gift and Tableware Association (CGTA) Show in the Toronto International Center and Congress Center, receive twice a year, a TWSS Showroom Guide as an invitation to attend TWSS market weeks.



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